Rest and relaxation are definitely part of a good self-care. We think that sauna bathing can aid into your relaxation. The quiet, calm and the soothing heat of a sauna are designed to help you relax. Keen on this form of leisure time, inspired by Scandinavian love to nature we created a project that is based on three pillars: functionality, modern design and technology that is close to nature.

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Do you love to spend time close to nature with a scent of the forest? Are you looking for your own place in the world or you need to find quiet working space? Now it’s simpler than you think. Our prefabricated house may be used as a full- year home or a modern mobile office. The project gives the flexibilities of modification of construction size, wall lines, rotation and future growth with additional modules and functionality. See yourself!

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Vingberg bygg och anläggning AB is a company with years of experience on the Scandinavian market. We run various projects in road and railway infrastructure.

We participate in prestigious investments such as modernization and extension of children’s hospital in Göteborg and reconstruction of 100- year old bridge in the town center.

It is our priority to ensure the constant development in each segment of business and to create modern, active company that is ecologically friendly and helps improve the way people function in a clean and natural environment.

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