To fully enjoy the beneficial effects of heat in our sauna we did not forget to equip Scandit in reliable accessories.


Good quality bucket made from thick pine wood blocks, equipped with a translucent plastic bowl with a capacity of 4 litres, which makes the bucket always tight. A wooden 35 cm long ladle to pour water over the sauna stones. Made of high quality knotless aspen it is a perfect complement to the bucket set.


It has long been known that birch has cleansing properties. In the sauna conditions (high temperature and steam) birch twigs have antiseptic properties to the body.


While bathing in the sauna room no electrical appliances that are not sauna-specific should be used. The prevailing conditions - high temperature and humidity quickly deregulated any equipment. This is when a sand timer should be remembered. It has been used for centuries to measure time regardless of weather conditions. There are a lot of amenities in Scandit that are based on electronics, but we do love proven and safe solutions. We can rely on ageless design and simple form.


By adding a few drops of natural aromatherapy oils to the bucket water that is poured on sauna rocks we provide ourselves with aromatherapy treatment.


A reliable Thermo – Hygrometer is a great way to keep track of the moisture content and temperature inside your sauna room.