Chromotheraphy System RUBEN DESIGN

The importance of light was already known in ancient times, and this is why chromotheraphy is now becoming a major trend in the wellness industry. Colours surround us every day, and they affect not only our psyche but also the body. We have used inside the Scandit sauna the best chromotheraphy system RUBEN DESIGN, consisting of professional LED Foryard strips + DreamLight remote control + BlueTooth.

Each color carries a specific energy charge. The eye perceives only 20% of electromagnetic vibrations carried by light. The remaining 80% is absorbed by ca 2m² of skin which is very sensitive and reacts strongly to external stimuli. Skin cells receive impulses whose strength is determined by colour, i.e. the electromagnetic wavelength. The impulses reach the brain through our nervous system. By exposing the skin to a specifically tuned in coloured light we can correct energy deficit, enhance metabolism and control mental condition.

Multicolour lED diodes contain the same chemical elements as precious stones. They emit light of the same energetic parameters and qualities as the stones. These qualities add to the attractiveness and effectiveness to the whole sauna’s therapy.

  • Controlling by an independent control panel RUBENCOLOURS
  • Control of the light pulsation
  • Control of light intensity
  • Wellness Programme
  • Control of the colour lighting time
  • Individual selection of sequence
Stimulates mind, mobilizes for action, helps recover self-confidence. Cleanses the skin, removes toxins as well as cellulitis. Cosmetic use: improves skin tension and tightens the pores.
In autumn and winter it substitutes sunshine, replenishes energy, stimulates serotonin production, the hormone responsible for sleep and nervous system.
Gives relaxing, tranquillizing effect, makes it easier to fall asleep. Recommended for phobic and neurotic conditions. Facilitates concentration and meditation.
Raises blood pressure, fights depression, stimulates emotional and mental activity as well as sensuality.
Fights neurosis, tonic for heart problems resulting from prolonged stress, fatigue and sleeplessness. In dermatology, it soothes skin irritation and inflammation.