HUUM HIVE HEATER with a control console

A HUUM HIVE heater is an ideal choice for modern constructions The pure Nordic design of the heater is a real pearl in any sauna. Built on a thousand-year tradition, combined with contemporary Nordic design, Huum heaters provide a unique experience in the sauna. First look at a Huum heater will tell you that this is something special. What makes these heater amazing is not only the look, but also the quality of the materials used. They are elegant, durable and economical. They have been carefully designed to quickly heat up, stay hot longer and give more steam. In 2015 the HUUM brand received an award in the contest RED DOT 21 AWARD.

    Technical Information:

  • Output (kW) 15.0
  • Maximum stone capacity 250 kg
  • Height (mm) 800
  • Width (mm) 555
  • Weight (kg) 22


All this adds up to a great time with family or best friends in your sauna. Every time You and they lay eyes on your sauna, you will all be impressed.


HUUM is a Nordic sauna. We use only the best materials and the best technology. Nothing else is good enough for us.


By design we not only mean the appearance, but the insides as well. DROP has been designed to stay hot longer and give more steam.


Everything about HUUM is innovative from the unique technology used in Drop heater to the UKU console and our smartphone app, which lets you control your sauna from anywhere.