Address system KB SOUND

When planning sauna Scandit we wanted to create a beautiful, minimalist and subtle Scandinavian design, this is why we decided to choose the address system iSELECT 2.5.

It has been installed inside the ceiling, together with the speakers, and the only visible components are the speakers and a remote control. Speakers give clear sound without noise, even when loud music is played. With the increased resistance to humidity, the speakers can be safely used in the sauna. You can find included a remote control holder to be hung on the wall so as to keep the remote control in one place.

Sound system features:

  • Volume control, sound balance, adjustable bass and treble, loudness function (supporting the bass and treble).
  • Ideal feature. Using this feature, we can program our favourite radio station and our equalizer settings (EQ).
  • Turn-ON function automatically starts the sound system when the light is turned on and stops it when turning off the light.
  • The Energy Save function makes the remote control turn off automatically when not in use, which significantly extends battery life.
  • The Bluetooth feature allows for wireless communication between KB Sound, and our mobile device. This allows us to use our favourite collections, applications (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes).