Innovative technology combined with elegant and high level of functionality. Our choice of a high comfort bath is a concealed flush mounted shower system GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl 310 Active Cube. It consists of a hand shower with a hose and a shower head holder, two flush-mounted elements and an innovative GROHE SmartControl battery, which makes it a complete shower solution in Sauna Scandit.
With its innovative control system, we rediscover the joy of a daily bath. It supports the operation of each of the water outputs (two streams of a rainfall shower and a hand shower) using separate buttons, located on the elegant, square rosette. Nothing stands in the way if we want to take advantage of the rainfall shower and a hand shower at the same time - just use the two buttons and by a separate knob adjust the temperature. The water temperature will stay constant throughout the bath thanks to the thermostatic head GROHE TurboStat. No more violent water flow cooling or heating. To further improve the safety of use, the battery is equipped with a SafeStop lock which prevents accidental activation of the water warmer than 38 ° C. A high comfort of use is also due to GROHE DreamSpray technology which delivers water under equal pressure to each spray nozzle. So regardless of whether you are using a large rainfall shower or a slim shower handset, the water stream will be always perfectly full and wonderfully soft, allowing you to relax after a session in the sauna. To emphasize the minimalist character of the whole system, all its visible elements are covered with shiny chrome GROHE StarLight.