Wooden interior panels Karava

Kallio Groove is the latest board profile developed by Karava. The panel creates incredible visual effects in the sauna and relaxation room. The lighting design makes the effect even more impressive. It's a perfect example of combining the highest standard of design and quality finishing. Karava panels are manufactured by hand using our own materials of the highest quality.

Thermal modification, also known as heat treatment, improves the wood resistance to decay and adverse weather conditions, its thermal insulation and dimensional stability in conditions of variable level of humidity. This is why we have chosen Karave.

Thermally modified wood is darker than wood in the rough, which gives it a nice look of hardwood.

In addition to the production techniques, high quality of the panels owes to the control of the entire production chain. Karava selects its timber from trusted partners and modifies it thermally in its own heat treatment plant in Mänttä-Vilppula. The products are then manufactured by hand in a carpentry shop in Pirkkala.