About us

Vingberg bygg och anläggning AB is a company with years of experience on the Scandinavian market. We run various projects in road and railway infrastructure. We participate in prestigious investments such as modernization and extension of children’s hospital in Göteborg and reconstruction of 100- year old bridge in the town center.

It is our priority to ensure the constant development in each segment of business and to create modern, active company that is ecologically friendly and helps improve the way people function in a clean and natural environment.

Apart from industrial construction projects, requiring our appropriate coordination, last year we opened with a new branch of production. We produce and sell products made of the most natural and ecological product, which is wood.

Inspired by Scandinavian love to nature, we encourage to spend time actively and create projects based on three pillars: functionality, modern design and technology that is close to nature. Promoting a healthy way of life, we enable relaxation, regeneration and subtle warmth in our saunas and hot tubs in a direct contact with nature.

In 2017 we have started working on a new project of modern sauna and prefabricated house, with intention to launch it to the offer in a future perspective. In order to meet current market needs, where the most important is easy, quick installation and possibility of immediate use. We wish to extend our offerings and to deliver simple, reliable consumer solutions of prefabricated houses, fulfilling residential functions.

The result of almost two years of work is SCANDIT, a multifunctional construction that can be used as a modern sauna or prefabricated residential house. Its advantage is modification flexibility of construction size, wall lines, rotation and future growth with additional modules and functionality. It is designed to satisfy the highest requirements in regards to aesthetics and comfort of use.